Friday, April 11, 2008

45 minute walk and cake for dinner

So, after work, I buzzed home and picked up Duck to go to the park. We met our new friends K and her kids D and H. D is just a month older than Duck and H was born in February. We had a blast talking and walking around the lakefront. We let the boys play for a little bit, D was very sad to say goodbye to us. K said he asked for Duck this morning! Aw, how sweet!

Anyway, I'd made a bad lunch choice yesterday....I just had a hamburger patty with lettuce and tomato. I paid for it all afternoon. Even with taking didn't help. So, when I got home after our walk, absolutely nothing sounded good. Well, except cake. I'd bought a half cake the other night at Publix because it was easier than spending $4 for a cake mix and frosting, then baking it. anyway, I chunked out a good-sized piece and poured a big glass of milk. MMMMMM nothing like chocolate cake and 2% milk to settle a tummy. So I probably just undid my wonderful walk, but I probably balanced it out.

We're going grocery shopping tonight thankfully.

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