Saturday, April 26, 2008

VERY long day.....I still have HOURS to go!

We went to a local park today and had a mommy group get together. It was SO MUCH FUN! I got to see one mommy I hadn't seen in person since a year ago. The other two are big goofballs that I see all the time. I'm glad to call all three of them my friends! We really did have some fun, the kids had a blast and the parents got to talk. I wish I had more courage to let Duck run around and just watch him. But with him not answering all that great to his name....I'ma bit leery doing it. WHY can't they make playgrounds that are totally "gated" so that I can relax a little rather than hovering over him worse than a sheriff's helicopter on a high speed chase?!??!?!?!?!?!?

Here's Duck on the swings:

Here's Duck on the playscape running around:

I had too much to eat: a hot dog with bun and mustard, 2 strawberries, 2 big scoops of my taco salad and 2 chocolate chip cookies. I did have mac-n-cheese on my plate, but Duck ate that rather than his hot dog. Apparently he only likes his hot dogs covered in baked beans.

I really should take Duck to the pool to help us both cool off, but E's on his way home and I want to be here when he arrives.

I got to see our new place!! I had talked to our complex manager earlier Tuesday about the A/C mess and casually asked about a 3-bdrm. We've been on the waitlist about a month, but didnt' think anything would come up soon. But, she had one available NOW. So, basically I did the CRAZY (read: totally me) thing to do and said YES. We get the keys May 1 and I have 6 more days left to get everything packed, ready to move. We'll get the truck on Thursday, move it Friday and turn in keys on the old place on Saturday.

Gotta tell ya, for having been gone most of the day....I got a lot done. I'm hoping that Seriously, if this move doesn't help me lose some weight, I'm totally up a creek.

I've been sweating my rear end off in Duck's bathroom for the last 90 minutes packing up all the toiletries, towels and countertop crap. Duck was in the MASTER bedroom, so we had all the extras in his bathroom. I also had a lot of baloney in there that I just threw away. I'm not moving anything that's not going to get used and that includes make-up. Especially not any that i know is more than 4 years old. I also switched out the showerheads so that as soon as I clean the floor, I'll only have his closet to do. That's tomorrow's chore.

So, Duck had chicken fingers (I love that Tyson is doing these now) and he's ignoring his carrots. I took cabbage soup out for me since I ate all my points at lunch! (breakfast was my usual: 1 cup Honey Nut Cheerios and ½ cup 2% milk)

Tomorrow Duck's night sitter is coming over. I can't wait, we haven't seen her in a while. It will be really nice to spend some time with her. She's a HUGE help.

My goals....
Saturday night
  • Sink side of kitchen....empty cupboards
  • Oven side of kitchen....empty cupboards
  • Duck's closet
  • Our dresser hutch
  • Our closet
  • Finish our closet
  • Our bedroom
  • Front closet

  • Pick up the truck
  • Pick up new keys
  • Start loading....though there's some debate about taking the truck to the storage unit and loading it up...will depend on E's schedule Thursday. Duck's going to the sitter's, then to my friend's house for the evening.

  • Finish loading the truck. Duck's going to the sitter again. I have the afternoon off and we'll move everything in to the new apartment. The kicker will be the couch. It's a queen sofa sleeper and heavier than anything I can think of. A general PITA to move and even moreso to get out of our apartment.
  • Final cleaning Friday night after we get Duck from the sitter's (my mom's helping out with that) and into bed. I'll clean by myself most likely....but I do have help coming Saturday if needed

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