Thursday, April 10, 2008

I started Weight Watchers today

It's an at-work program, so I should have no problem making it to meetings. Two friends joined as well, so we can keep each other accountable. Hopefully this will help me get my hormones in order and TTC #2 will go more smoothly.

Five more days til the big appointment. My mom was able to get my shot records (ain't she great?) from my previous doctor. Apparently I'm 4 years overdue for a tetanus shot. OOPS! Also says I need a varicella, I had the chicken pox when I was 4 thank you very much.

I think the best way to keep me accountable is to actually divulge my weight: 175.8 pounds. I'm still 12 pounds over pre-Duck weight, but I am 5 pounds down from wedding-day weight. So, I look at it as being a good starting point. I'm just bummed I started this so far into the Biggest Loser season......I even missed the start of my toddler mom BL group. Oh well.....10% at a time, right?

So, I think we'll be grocery shopping tonight or tomorrow night. And I'll be taking Duck to the playground each night after work, or at the minimum for a walk up to the mailbox.

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Annie said...

Good luck!

I just bought a bike trailer with the hopes of lots of exercise - it's only happened a few times so far though!