Friday, April 18, 2008

What a crappy week

I wish I had the wherewithall to post it all, but I don't. So here's the highlights:

Tuesday was our appointment day. Duck's was "okay" as in the Dev. Pedi. used terminology I'm not comfortable, but ultimately said that we don't have to go back unless the Neuro or Pedi feel it's warranted. Doesn't want us to have "too many" doctors treating Duck.

My RE appointment was better. Dr. L at the Center for Reproductive Medicine is my RE and is FABULOUS. He took a lot of time explaining things to me, including the labs from the ob's office that never got explained from a PCOS standpoint. He said that with the dose of Met i'm taking, I could still O on my own. Then it was exam time. And sure, enough....I had O'd on my own in the "not so distant past." I have two weeks to have a cycle on my own. If I do, then I get to have an HSG, if not, it's on to more meds.

Wednesday Duck's cough was getting worse, he puked up dinner (oh yes that means I got to CLEAN CARPET after I baby-wiped Duck up enough for E to give him a bath). Subsequently neither of us got any sleep that night. We took him to the Pedi Thursday morning to learn his Zyrtec wasn't working as much and his allergies were in overdrive and caused an ear infection with all the drainage. That led to a wonderful (haha) $79 prescription for THE GENERIC of Omnicef. didn't pay that, made the Pedi call in something different. Pharmacy deductibles SUCK.

Of course, if I wasn't trying "save money" by turning the a/c off and bringing in fresh air, Duck's allergies wouldn't be in overdrive right now.

Duck got more sleep last night, but still isn't eating great. I can't even get him to eat grilled cheese or peanut butter bread. I'll have to stop and get Pediasure on my way home.

Thursday was weigh-in day. I lost 3.4 pounds this week (for you BL fans, that's 1.93% of my weight). If I lose that much again this next week, I'll lose a point. That's okay though. Course, it helps the Met is kicking my butt.

Thursday was also our 4th anniversary. It sucked overall. not because of anything that we did or didn't do. Just that we didn't feel like celebrating with Duck sick and me not feeling so great.

today I feel like crap still, Duck seems to be doing better aside from not eating. Happy weekend to me!

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