Saturday, April 19, 2008

how do YOU do it?

This was the question E asked me yesterday afternoon as he was telling me the disaster area that had happened in our living room. Keep in mind, the man was a SAHD for over a year and still can't find a way to pick up, fix a meal and take care of Duck. I'm not even asking for all three at the same time........but damn, two at a time would be great. This conversation happened after he called me at work to see if *I* called about the a/c being out again/still. UM YOU'RE HOME, TAKE A FREAKING WALK TO THE OFFICE!

Yeah, I'm aware that it's a woman's special talent to do all that and chores, too. (I didn't say mom because I know plenty of non-mom women that can multi-task with the best.) Men just aren't attuned to multi-tasking.

Take for example the last two hours. My kitchen is clean, the dishwasher has been loaded and ran, I washed literally 15 medicine syringes (gotta love having a sick kid), I can see my living room floor after picking up two decks of Diego cards, two decks of Baby Einstein cards, three puzzles and a book shelf full of books, one load of laundry is in the dryer and one in the washer. All this while Duck was AWAKE and wandering the apartment.

I still take to hear my newborn mommy advice: rest when he rests. Heck yeah. When he's running around or just watching tv or eating breakfast (wait, he's two and usually does all three at the same time).......I'm picking up and cleaning. Right now, I'm taking a break. He's watching Diego, then we're going to have some lunch and he's going for a nap.

So, dear husband, THAT is how I do it. I take it one room at a time and take a short break in between rooms. The next big project? That damn toy store exploded again. Can't wait til the IRS gets in gear and sends us our refund and I can get back to Ikea for the system I want.

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