Thursday, April 3, 2008

This morning went better than expected. We got all our running around done and then Duck started signing/saying "eat." He's never signed it unprompted or asked to eat. I felt so incredibly horrible for not being able to give him food.

We got to Dr. D's office just before noon. We got him signed in and they said to go ahead and give him the sedative. They were really surprised that he took it so well. Apparently it's bitter. He didn't even want the sucker they had given him. He was OUT OUT OUT within 5 minutes. They said they'd never seen a toddler go out that fast. I said, "well, he's had 5 hours of sleep and nothing to eat since 6:30."

So, there was no fussing or whining before during or after the EEG.

UNTIL...........we went to do the blood draw. I had called earlier in the week and was told by the Medical Pavilion staff that the Ambulatory Care Center could/would do a pediatric draw. So, we get and NOPE. We had to go to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children or Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. So, rather than move the car and have to pay another $4 for parking, we walked the four blocks to APH.

Thank God they'd written STAT on his draw orders. They got us right in.

The two ladies that did his draw were so incredibly sweet. They got the needle in without stirring him. But, he woke up about 3/4 of the way through and it was all over at that point. He tensed up again and wiggled the needle right out of the vein.

They didn't get enough, so they had to stick him again, this time in his hand. He was SOOOOO brave and good about it.

They did it totally different at APH and I'll never,
never, never use Quest again for him.

Then, we were in the lobby where the characters are and one comes back after us and says, "we need him back, we need a urine sample."

I'm like, "What? He hasn't had anythign to eat or drink since 6:30 this morning because of the EEG and we came right here from there. He has nothing to give."

So, they gave me a couple bags and a cup. I have to freeze it, then run it to the APH lab Saturday morning at 9:00. I had the option to run it back there before 6:00 tonight and not have to re-register, but after all the running around we'd been doing since 7:30, I decided Saturday was better.

That's how it went. Duck's having "quiet time" in his room and E's sleeping. So I got to enjoy my chocolate Oreo shake from Burger King all by myself. A big thing lately since now Duck thinks that everything in a cup belongs to him.

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