Sunday, April 27, 2008

New packing update

Let's see, went to bed at 3:00 a.m. and woke up at 6:45 to a very light AF beginning. WAHOOOOOOOO! (Calling Monday to schedule HSG.)

I went to Walmart ALONE because Duck slept in a bit and I knew E wasn't going to wake up either. Got back, cleaned up the kitchen and then A was here to help me out. I made us breakfast of pancakes and eggs. I did really well, actually because I got SEVEN pancakes out of a batter that would have made I get brownie points for WW for that? And I did PHENOMENAL on my sunny side up eggs. Duck decided that he'd only take ONE bite of his chocolate chip pancakes I made for him.

Then we got busy packing and moving. We finished up Duck's room by doing the closet. She packed a few boxes and three suitcases. She repacked a box of books that Duck had unpacked. I love A. She's such an awesome person!

(going to tangent here for a moment)
You know how they say "might not be today, might not be tomorrow, but eventually it all comes around?" okay, not exactly that, but close..... Anyway, I think I was a good babysitter when I was in high school and college. I mean, I must have been, I had the same families calling me all the time. Once by two families for the same night for the same event (HINT: don't share your babysitter's name unless you're willing to share your babysitter---which I'm not willing to share, okay, I am, but it would be tough to share her) I did the extras like dishes and putting things away....I got to deal with a lot of strange things, like kittens knocking over red candles onto wood floors and puppies that find snags in carpet and make it worse.....(um, yeah same family). This is why I believe in the saying. We have such a gem in A and she knows it. She's truly a wonderful person and we're lucky to know her. Duck's loved her from day one.
(tangent over)

Unfortunately, after she left, I lost my momentum and ambition. Not that I sat on my butt all day, but I didn't really do any more packing. Just laundry and the kitchen. I did, however, come up with a mental plan on how to get it all done by Thursday. Yes, I know JUST DO IT.

I have found, though, that my best laid plans are ones I stew on for days on end. Then I have the mental commitment to get things done. Right now I think the biggest hurdles I face are my kitchen and my dresser. Both are full of stuff that I don't need. And I need to remind myself that if I don't need it before Friday, it needs to go in a box.

So, it's 11:00, and I want to get to work early tomorrow morning.

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