Sunday, April 13, 2008

Worse than losing Puppy in public?

Losing Puppy in the freaking house!

It took us two hours to get Duck down Friday night without Puppy. We came straight home from our walk Thursday night, he had milk then went to bed with Puppy. He came wandering into our bedroom at 6:30 am Friday with Puppy in tow. But E never saw Puppy all day and now we can't find Puppy.

We've checked every nook and cranny in the house for two days.........Puppy is nowhere to be found.

My anxiety is THROUGH THE ROOF right now because we can't find it. It's in this damn house, I know it is.

We've looked under the bed, in the dressers, toilets, showers, under the bathroom cupboards, behind every electronic, in and under the washer and dryer, behind the computer, in the appliances even though he's gated out of the kitchen, in our closets.....we cannot find it. Of course, every time we go through this, it's somewhere really obscure. Like the last time was behind the surround system, time before that was in one of our dresser drawers. We know it's NOT in his room because we picked up every toy and put it where it belonged and his bathroom and closet doors are kept shut with door knob covers.

I even went through the trash piece by piece :pukeright:

For the last year, we've been saying we were going to put a GPS chip in it like those teddy bears they have.

The one ride on toy he has in the house doesn't have a storage piece. The other two are in his closet that he can't get to.

I have pulled everything out of our front closet, everything off the floor in our closet and in our bedroom (even my scrapbooking containers). E even pulled the subwoofer apart....didn't find Puppy, but he did find two Hotwheels cars and a pacifier.

There's a part of me that agrees with E in that we should be "grateful" that he lost it. The good thing is that he's started to cling to his new Pluto we got him a few weeks ago. That I can replace easily.

Honestly, though, it's kind of a comfort thing for me too. Just knowing he has something that instantly calms him down, especially since we're already trying to break the pacifier during the day.

I even pulled out the sofabed completely and it's not there either. At the suggestion of a friend....I looked on top of things like our dresser hutch, the refrigerator, behind the dryer....I keep thinking it went out in the trash.

Thankfully, he really is taking to Pluto fairly well. We'd bought Pluto in hopes of transitioning him anyway since Pluto is so much easier to replace. But, I'm hoping St. Anthony can help us find him.

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