Monday, April 14, 2008

Craptacular weekend

Well it all started Friday. In fact, it all happened Friday really.

1. We lost Puppy.
2. The A/C went out in our apartment sometime Friday afternoon when the temp Saturday was forecast to be over 85 degrees.
3. Our federal refund was not deposited.

#1: Puppy still lost, see blog entry "Worse than losing Puppy in public?"

#2: I get home Friday and the apartment is warm. The thermostat is set at, I don't set it lower than 77 becuase then it freezes up. So I turned it off for a little bit thinking E turned it down and it had started to freeze up. A couple hours later, it's not blowing cool air. We opened the house for the night because it was already after 8, dark, and they wouldn't come anyway. Saturday I call, the maintenance man comes. He turns it on and sure enough the fan outside isn't blowing. He checks both inside and outside breakers. Not that either, the whole unit has to be replaced. CRAP. The thing is less than two years old. They just replaced all the units in the complex after we moved into this apartment. So, he offers me a window unit. Normally I'd comply. But, I also know that he'll never get the screen back in the right position afterward and I'll be dealing with bugs. (note: not because HE can't but because that's track record for our complex) Plus, it was supposed to get down to 75 Saturday night. I figured E was at work til late and Duck and I could go to the pool and then Target to stay cool. Maintenance man was good with that and it was much cooler Sunday and last night. I'll have a new A/C unit tonight. Florida spring/summer without A/C is not an option. We did, however, buy another oscillating fan and learned that we really could sleep without it if we had to. So, I hope that means lower electric bills this summer.

#3 I had to talked to an IRS agent 12 days ago regarding our refund status. We owed some back taxes for 2006 and they were supposed to take that out of the refund. The lady said we'd get our refund deposited on the 11th. Nope. Didn't happen. CRAP. That was something I was counting on. Stupid I know, but still! Based on our e-file date, we *should* have had it the 4th. So, here it is the 14th and no refund. I called and got another agent who said yes, our back taxes had been paid, but it could be another THREE WEEKS before we see the balance! She went on to say that they could take it for wage garnishment, child support or student loans. Well, the first two don't apply and the third's in good standing. But will only stay that way when I get the refund.

Duck had a HORRIBLE eating weekend. I don't think the kid ate two full meals all weekend long. In fact, breakfast Saturday and dinner last night were about it. He's gotten so darn picky recently....chicken nuggets, pears and pudding. And last night, E had to make him a grilled cheese at 8:00 for him to eat at all.

HOWEVER.........he had an AWESOME weekend with development. He's started to point out objects and identify them without prompting, he's mimicking actions and words, and he even "consoled" me when I threw a fake tantrum to get his attention. (Dr. Harvey Karp, your book "Happiest Toddler on the Block" is pure GENIUS.)

That's three major milestones in about 10 days time. He also spent the majority of the weekend without the pacifier in his mouth. (no comments from the peanut gallery about the correlation between speech and least he didn't have Puppy in his mouth which would have been the case if we knew where Puppy is/was)

Go figure.....we see the developmental pediatrician tomorrow.

WW is going okay. We grocery shopped for 90 minutes on Saturday night. I took ONE pill yesterday rather than FOUR. Back on track today, though. I see the RE tomorrow afternoon. Should be a fun day of running around for me.

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